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What is the Difference Between?

What is the difference between?


This is simply an experimental post.  According to Google Adwords, there are 3,600 monthly searches in the United States for “What is the difference between?”, with no other information. Not, what is the difference between “A” and “B”? No.  It says there are nearly 10,000 searches around the world for the simple term, ‘What is the difference between’.


How much sense does this make?  Well, sometimes people are typing a question into a search engine and they accidentally press enter or return.

So why am I writing about this topic?


Well in a perfect and accident-prone world, those 3,600 accidental searchers will all click on the first website that pops up.  If this post becomes #1 in the search engine, then there should be a skyrocket in my number of visitors.  Yet this will not happen.  I currently receive 5 visitors per day to this website.  If an extra 3,000 people visit this website because of this one post, then my traffic should go up to over 100 visitors per day.


That will not happen though.  Why?


If someone clicks enter too quickly, they will likely realize their mistake and retype the question.  This scenario is in opposition to the assumption that someone who accidently types a question will instantly click the first link without thinking.


I have more faith in humanity than this.  People are smart.


There is an alternative hypothesis: Google is wrong.  Why do I say this?


I looked at the “Google Insights for Search” and it shows that, globally, there are 75 searches per week for “What is the difference between?” and these searches are all from non-English speaking countries.


What does this mean?


It means Google’s search estimations are extremely inflated.  It also means that people are likely searching this phrase in order to find a translation or they simply can’t write English well because it is not their native language.


So here goes nothing.


What is the difference between.

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